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Meditieren am Strand
Connect with your inner self

Practice for Psychotherapy* and Coaching in Munich

We speak English, French & German

(*German "Heilpraktiker" law)

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Our Guiding Principle

Happiness and inner peace are not a coincidence. They are available for you.
If they are hidden, they only need to be reactivated in yourself.

It is our goal to support you to draw from your own resources in order for you to feel complete and centered again.
You have limited success when you try to control what is happening on the outside. Success happens when you consciously choose how you want to feel inside. What you will find once you take the inner path, is that you create fundamental changes on the outside, as well.

We guide you on this path.


Areas of Speciality

If you are feeling stuck or suffering from any kind of Emotional Crisis, or if you feel affected by any of the following topics, we are happy to support you.

  • Adjustment issues (e.g. Expats moving / living abroad)

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Depression & Burnout

  • Relationship Issues: Termination / Separation / Isolation

  • Rejection & Abandonment

  • Difficult life transitions & issues related to Covid context

  • Fears & Phobia

  • Personal growth & Motivation


Besides, if you'd like to explore how you can improve your quality of life or simply feel more conscious about the decisions you are taking, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Area of specialties

Our Methods

The needs and requirements of our clients are different and every process is unique. We want to provide you the space and resources to reconnect with your authentic self whilst we are striving to offer you the most specific help in the shortest time possible. 

 Let's talk to see if we would be a good therapeutic fit. 

Therapy sessions are offered in English, French and German.


Stéphanie Lückheide

Hypnosis can help the patient to free himself from unwished feelings or habits such as fear, uninvited thoughts or anxiety. 
Hypnosis is a trance state enabling the person to access useful information beyond the rational part of the mind. 
The therapist will accompany the patient during the visualisations and guide him/her through the process in order to reach the goal that has been determined together before.

Couple Therapy / Single Coaching

Paar Hände halten

Stefanie Schönborn

A deep understanding of oneself and the others and an enduring intimacy is one of life’s greatest treasures.

Whether you are married or you are building a new relationship (even if it is a fresh start with yourself), this Therapy supports you (and your partner) with unique problem-solving skills, so that you both feel strong, understood and valued. 

Our aim is to help you bring your relationship(s) to an entirely new level of awareness, intimacy, and fulfillment. 

Mindfulness Coaching / Positive Psychology

Stefanie Schönborn

Are you hoping to better manage your mood or anxiety? Or do you simply want to change some of your (health) habits? If you are concerned about challenging relationships, work, or other issues of daily living, we can support you with Mindfulness routines, to inspire, motivate and help you accomplish your goals. You can expect to feel better and have new ideas about how to approach the challenges in your life from a new perspective.

Our Profiles

Stéphanie Lückheide

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie


I am from France where I grew up but also spent many years abroad in the USA, Belgium and Germany. I majored in economics and International Business and worked 17 years for big international companies.

I took my very first workhops on well-being and self-development practices in 2003 in Hanover. This has been like a revelation to me, especially because it matched with some philosophical concepts, which I had always found  interesting.

Since then, my curiosity kept growing and I have realized over the years how much self-empowerment each human being has been provided with by nature. 

I am now convinced that, by using the right tools, everyone has the ability to improve his/her quality of life, reduce distress, gain confidence and be more in line with one's true self.

Now mother of two kids, I have been able to reorientate my professional life and I am now offering psychotherapy sessions with a strong focus on hypnosis and EMDR.

If you want to know more, please, visit my website:

Or just contact me under:

+49 (0) 176 4292 1192

Stefanie Schönborn

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-22 um

I am a Munich born and raised Bavarian who has lived and worked abroad for several years. I am trained in Cultural and International Business Studies, Business Coaching and since 2017 Practitioner for Psychotherapy. I worked in change management, Business consulting and as a career advisor, e.g. for entrepreneurs with migrational background. 


Ever since I have been interested in personal growth and development, spirituality and the research of Happiness which comes along with Mindfulness practices. I learned to see happiness as a natural state of mind.

This is why I started working with clients who want to improve their private or professional situation and become more mindful and resilient in their most important areas of life. 

Email me:,

or give me a call if you want to get in touch personally +49 (0) 178 1348 355 

Mindful Space

International Practice for Psychotherapy 

and Coaching

Humboldtstr. 34 | 81543 München

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